Megawatt Large Display Indicator

Megawatt large display indicator


Large display indicator measures and displays the Megawatt from inputs like 4-20mA and data received from other equipment. It meets high accuracy of 1% to measure Megawatt. The large display is for clear visibility of the MegaWatt reading from a long distance. It is equipped with high bright red color 7segment displays. These are commonly used in Power plants, Substations, Manufacturing units and Field environments to provide direct Megawatt measurements.


  • High Bright 7 segment Display to view from long distance
  • It Measures Megawatt from 4-20mA current
  • Measures the Megawatt with an accuracy of 1%
  • Available in 50mm, 100mm,144mm& 300mm sizes
  • The input power supply can be customized
  • 10/100Mbps is the speed for Ethernet input
  • Power Over Ethernet option available
  • Wireless display option available with limited range
  • Rugged and Robust display
  • Isolated and protected Interfaces
  • Cabinets made up of MS/SS/Aluminium
  • Cabinet with powder coat finish
  • Wall / Panel / Tabletop mountable
  • Protection class from IP 20 / IP 55 available
  •  Front plate covered with Red color acrylic sheet


  • Power Plants
  • Substations
  • Industries
  • Educational institutions


Power Supply
Standard 100V to 270V AC, 1φ, (47Hz to 63Hz) or 100V to 370V DC
Power Consumption <10W
Display Type 7 Segment Display
No of Digit 6 Digit
Format XXXX.XX
Display Size 50mm/100mm/144mm/300mm
Color Bright Red
Input Signal
Voltage Input* Value: Based on the customer-specified value Connector: Pluggable Terminal block
Current Input* Current : 4-20mA or 0-20mA Value: Based on the customer-specified value Connector: Pluggable Terminal block Value: Based on the customer-specified value Connector: Pluggable Terminal block
Ethernet Input* Packet: Customer should specify Connector: RJ45 Speed: 10/100Mbps Connector: RJ45 Speed: 10/100Mbps
RS485/RS232 Input* Based on customer-specified protocol, Baudrate, data bit, stop bit & parity Connector : Pluggable Terminal / DB9 Connector : Pluggable Terminal / DB9
Wireless Input* Input: Wireless Antenna SANDS Wireless transmitter must be used
Operating Temp 0°to 50°C
Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure Wall/Panel/Table Top Mountable
Dimension 50mm Display – 484mm x 74mm x 100mm 100mm Display – 750mm x 56mm x 170mm 144mm Display – 922mm x 56mm x 212mm 300mm Display – 1620mm x 56mm x 360mm
Protection Class IP20, IP55*
Note: * Optional